10 Things to Know About the Cub Scouts in 2015, Pt. 2

This is the continuation of my last post on this blog in which I talked about changes to one of the country’s most beloved institutions. The Cub and Boy Scouts of America are undergoing some changes that are going to make the program noticeably different when compared to previous years or what parents themselves went through as scouts. Here are 5 more changes to the curriculum, experience, and goals of the Scouts. While some people may see these as good or as bad, all that matters is that our boys have as much fun and learn the lessons that we learned when we were Scouts, regardless of any changes in how things are done.

scout books

The covers of the new Cub Scout program books.

  1. STEM is now fully integrated: As STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classes become more and more important and focused on in schools across the country, the Boy Scouts are doing their part to introduce STEM courses focus on it throughout the experience. No longer are STEM badges relegated to the side, STEM is now a vital and fully-integrated part of the Boy Scouts and will continue to be for a long time.
  2. Citizenship AND service: While the Boy Scouts are continuing their emphasis on citizenship and bring a patriotic American, there is now an extra emphasis on citizenship through service as well. Community service is now a necessary and important part of the Scouting experience.
  3. Nutrition now also focuses on doing, not just learning: Now, the Scouts aren’t just going to be learning how to be healthy and what to avoid — they’re also going to be putting that knowledge into practice. Eating healthy and exercise now have a greater importance within the Scouting experience and Scouts are even asked to bring healthy snacks to share with their den.
  4. Increased camping requirements: While camping was always important in the past, there is now an increased emphasis on it as our world becomes more technological and indoors. Since the Scouts is frequently the only camping opportunity for boys from cities and urban areas, there is now more camping!
  5. Knots, fires, hiking — they’re all still there: Even with these changes (some of which are more sweeping than others), the basics of the Scouts has remained and will continue to do so. There is even more of these sorts of survival and outdoorsy activities than there were before, something that many parents will find to be a good things.

These are just 5 (and 10 in total) of the changes that the Scouts of America are undergoing this year. While the program may look different, it seems as though it’s gotten even better than it was. Happy camping!

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.